The curious mind of a three year old

My last conversation with Addie:

A: Mommy, why does it rain?

M:  So that the grass can grow.  The grass eats rain like Addie eats fruits and vegetables.

A:  Why?

M:  That’s just how Jesus made it.  He made everything on the earth.  He made the rocks, mountains, trees.

A:  Oh.  Why is this sticker here?  (Pointing the the recycle sign on the table)

M:  Because it was made from recycled things.  You know how we put things in the blue garbage to get recycled?  This was made from those kinds of things.

A:  Did Jesus make it?

M:  He made the things that were used to make it.

A:  Mom, Jesus made me too.

I thought that was pretty cute 🙂


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